Why pizza baked on baking paper is not smart?

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Baking Pizza

Why pizza baked on baking paper is not smartClassic (Italian) way to bake pizza in a wood oven. Such a furnace has a (clay) stone floor. After the pizza baker has stoked the wood oven warm (about 400 degrees Celsius or higher), he bakes the stone floor are pizzas. Stone takes the heat in the oven properly and keeps that heat also fixed. Once you put a pizza in the oven and the dough comes into contact with the hot stone, it will quickly evaporate water contained in the pizza dough. The stone attracts moisture as it were, from the dough. The result: a crispy base.

Greaseproof Paper

Back to the parchment. That’s not designed to retain heat. Greaseproof paper is specially invented to keep from moisture. And that is exactly why you can not use baking paper better when baking a pizza. If you submit your dough on a piece of waxed paper, then the moisture in the dough in the oven can not evaporate quickly. You then need more time to get cooking your pizza, and your dough is simply less crisp. The same goes for baking a pizza on a standard (thick) Oven baking sheet.

Pizza Baking

Well, there are trays to get specially designed for baking pizzas. Usually made of very thin sheet steel. With or without holes in the bottom to allow better air and heat. This bakeware works a little better than a big fat oven plate, but the result is still better for me.

Pizza Stone

Tip: Use a pizza stone

Buying a pizza stone is by far the best advice I can give you if you even better pizzas (or bread) wants to bake. If you do not have a wood stove itself, but seeks to make a good pizza, you get close to a pizza stone. Of course, a wood oven is of a different order. Just because of many warmers than the regular kitchen ovens. But there are nowadays regular ovens which can be up to 280 degrees. With a pizza stone makes your pizza still really think of a pizza from a wood oven. Let me put it this way: with a pizza stone, you’ll find the closest.

Thin Or Thick Brick Oven Pizza Stone

If you like pizza to bake and the oven turn (turn your oven to the highest temperature), then let the pizza stone quietly heating up along with the oven. You let warm up the oven and then puts the stone in the oven, you have a chance that the stone struck by the rapid transition temperature. If you have a thin pizza stone of about 1 cm thick, you can outset bake when your oven is at temperature. Want an even better result; you can still warm up the pizza stone fifteen minutes longer in the oven before you start cooking. There is also thicker pizza stone to get. These stones you have to warm up at least half an hour before you bake.

Maintenance  Of Brick Oven Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is very easy to maintain. All you have to do after baking (if the stone has cooled) is any leftovers are just scraping or AFP OE Sten. Was not your stone with water. You stone water namely sucks like a sponge and if you increase the likelihood that the pizza stone breaks when you go back buckets next time.

Moreover, it is entirely reasonable that your pizza stone after (multiple) uses discolored and stains get from baking. There do nothing. And that’s pretty good because it has no effect on the taste.

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